Sammy Andrews of Deviate Digital and Let’s Be the Change opened an excellent Twitter thread last week sourcing career advice for people just getting started in the music business.

I’ve selected some of the best bits in the thread.

What Dan Fowler says here is something I also tell newcomers in the business often (and it’s good advice for anyone, no matter their seniority). A variation on this: stay in touch with other newcomers you meet early on. Back when I was writing my thesis about the music business, I connected to people through Twitter who were also trying…

A variety of new features take centre stage.

The IDAGIO product team is excited to share these new feature announcements. After months of improvements that were largely behind-the-curtains, we are happy to put the spotlight on these recently released product updates:

  • The IDAGIO Windows app
  • Works Pages on Web and Desktop
  • Recently Played on Android
  • Albums in Search
  • Repeat button on Web and Desktop
  • Offline Albums and Playlists on Android

Our Windows desktop app

The IDAGIO Windows app is finally ready (click to download).

IDAGIO can now be accessed directly from your taskbar, desktop, or start menu. This dedicated app makes it possible to control the player with your keyboard’s playback buttons…

This is Marconi Union’s Weightless. It is considered to be one of the most calming pieces of music ever made and was produced in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

In a study with 40 women, the song was found to reduce overall anxiety by 65% and brought it to a level 35% than their usual resting rates. The song slows down throughout its length, which leads to a decrease in heart rate and a lower blood rate.

In product roles, your days feature lots of small interruptions and contain a large variety of activities. …

Decluttering your life only takes 1 minute.

Tidying has a guru and her name is Marie Kondo. The Japanese ‘organising consultant’ is well-known for two things:

  • her ritual for throwing things out, and;
  • giving every-thing an assigned place.

The latter idea is simple and extremely effective for decluttering your life. Many of the things you own already have a specific spot where you return them after use. But does every-thing?

A few weeks after hearing this, and slowly starting to practice it, I heard another piece of advice (I’m not sure who to attribute it to). It goes:

“If something needs to be done and it only…

Rule of thumb: when you are thinking of taking a social media break, you should do it.

We typically are so addicted to social media that by the time you start to suspect that soon you will need to reclaim your mind, you are already at that point. Reclaim it.

I have a lot to thank social media for. I understand it well and know how to leverage it. I have achieved some of my dreams because of social media. Even though I have had push notifications disabled for years, it still places a tax on my mind: distraction.

Social media invites itself into our lives. We share, we wonder who has seen what we share, we…

The third internet generation for music is here.


MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE is on a bit of a hiatus. I started it 2 years ago with the goal of shedding light on topics that I felt were being neglected.

Two years later, I feel more positive about the conversation in the music business. Besides that, great newsletters (like Platform & Stream) and writers (like Cherie Hu) have emerged and cover a lot of the topics I set out to cover with MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE. So what role can I play now in moving the conversation forward?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about…

Me at 18 (I’m lying. I was 21 here)

Recently I came across an interesting post by Pieter Levels — an entrepreneur and digital nomad I really admire. He explored what he would do if he were 18 now. I started thinking about this question a lot and was curious if people would come up with the same things I would.

So, to celebrate two years of MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE, I messaged some people and here’s what I got back, followed by my own answer to the question:

Given what you know now, if you ran into your 18-year-old self, in 2018, what would you share with them?

Cherie Hu — music & tech storyteller at Forbes, Billboard

There are two things I would tell my 18-year-old self. Firstly, use your unique background and perspective to pursue…

Often considered plain entertainment, Scooter frontman H.P. Baxxter infuses his lyrics with Buddhist philosophy. As they get the dancefloor Hyper, Hyper, the message is transcendence. Take a closer look at the lyrics to uncover the koans, Zen riddles, and Buddhist symbolism.

How Much Is The Fish?

Titled with a profound rhetorical question, you can find Buddhist messages throughout the track, such as in the second verse:

We’re breaking the rules
Ignore the machine
You won’t ever stop this
The chase is better than the catch

This points at the guilt tradition of Judeo-Christianity. You are already whole and there is nothing to achieve or…

I was all set. Had a brand new bag that you could carry as duffel or convert to a backpack. Had my t-shirts, shorts, snorkeling gear, basic first aid stuff, mosquito repellent… You know, the usual tourist suitcase contents.

It started with a delay in Berlin. As I ran down the long hallways of Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, so I could be just in time for the final call to Havana, it never occurred to me I was outrunning my luggage. Upon landing in Havana, I got a text message from Air France.

“Flight AF940: your luggage will not appear on the luggage carousel. It is being rerouted. Please go to the Air France luggage service.”

Together with a German girl…

I am typing this article on my phone in an airport. Therefore this piece is going to be a bit different than my usual MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE post.

It’s amazing what we can do on our phones now. They are fully fledged computers that are more powerful than the computers on our desks a few years ago.

And that has been a key facet of the change we see in music right now. The streaming giants were enabled by the smartphone. The iPhone (launched in 2007) and Spotify’s rise went hand in hand. I mention the iPhone because…

Bas Grasmayer

Write about trends and innovation in tech and how they may impact the music business. Previously: Product Director, IDAGIO.

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